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WKGB Document Centre

Here you can find a list of commonly requested Documents for the Welsh Karate Governing Body. All documents available on application to Admin: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WKGB Online Licencing

  • WKGB Online Licencing User Manual


WKGB Membership Documents

  • WKGB Membership Application Pack


WKGB Insurance Documents

  • WKGB Affiliated Association Insurance
  • WKGB Instructor Insurance
  • WKGB Member to Member Key Fact Document


WKGB Coaching Documents

  • WKGB Level 2A Assessor Application
  • WKGB Level 2 Application
  • WKGB Level 2 Cadet Application
  • WKGB Level 1 Application
  • WKGB Level 1 Cadet Application


WKGB Policies

  • WKGB Whistle Blowing Policy
  • WKGB Child Protection Policy
  • WKGB Disciplinary Policy
  • WKGB Risk Management Policy

WKGB DBS /CRB Documents

  • WKGB DBS / CRB Application Form
  • WKGB CRB Consent Form


WKGB Equality

  • WKGB Equality Statement


WKGB Other Documents

  • WKGB Terms & Conditions Statement
  • WKGB Code of Conduct


WKGB Safeguarding

  • Code of Ethics
  • Children & Young People Code of Conduct
  • Code of Conduct for Parents
  • Responsible Social Networking


WKGB Dan Grade Register

  • Application or change of grade form



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