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The WKGB has a network of CRB/DBS Recruiter/Verifiers.

These are Association based personnel, who are trained in the process of ordering CRB/DBS,
assisting in its completion and the verification of documentation relating to that Disclosure.
CRB/DBS Disclosure is a mandatory requirement for all WKGB Coaches & Officers.

CRB/DBS Disclosure can only be ordered for those WKGB Members, who have completed,
or are in the process of completing a WKGB Coach Award,
or for those working in Child Protection (WKGB Association Child Welfare Officers).

Each WKGB Member Association has been invited to forward 2 Members or more for training,
which makes, for a geographically more convenient system and allows the required Face To Face completion of CRB/DBS Disclosure.

The Current CRB Lead Officer for the WKGB is:

Alwyn Heath

Tel: 01443 209121

e mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The CRB/DBS Recruiter/Verifiers system numbers around 59 at present:


Association Verifiers


British International Karate Organisation - W. Hoyland, A Bowen & J. Oliver

Budokan Wales - H. Ruse & S. Clement

Chikara Shotokan Karate Academy - D. Shimmin

International Kyokushin Organaisation - R. Petrie & E. Petrie

Karate Budokan International - P. Wallen

Karate Do Shotokai - S. Court

Karate Jutsu Kai - W. Mortimer, S. Broom, D. Newson & A.Jenkins

Kokuro Shukokai Karate Association - B. Burman & T. Walker

Kyokushin Wales - P. Greenway

Mas Oyama's Kyokushin Organisation - A. Heath & D. Jones

Moriston Free-Style Karate Association - E. Malinowski & J. Davies

Ogwr Karate Association - C. Medway & A. Walters

Samurai International Wales - TBC

Shotokan Karate Association - TBC

Shotokan Karate Schools - R. Williams & K. Andrews

Shushokan Shito-Ryu Karate Organisation - L. Taylor, P. Jones, A. Turner & L. Vaughan

Shukan Ryu Wales - TBC

Welsh Contact Karate Organisation - D. Hughes & N. Clark

Welsh Higashi Karate Kai - B. Mumberson & B. Mc Dowell

Welsh Karate Governing Body - R. Williams, J. Ashcroft, C Mbakwe & A. Heath

Welsh Shotokan Karate Organisation - Jason Ashcroft

Welsh Shotokan Karate Union - Chrissie Mbakwe, N. Cole & Chico Mbakwe

Welsh Traditional Karate Federation - G. Mowll & D. Lloyd


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